Transcript Request


Pickford Schools uses Parchment for all transcript requests.  Parchment is a fast, easy and secure method for your transcript to go from Pickford High School to the college or university of your choice, or a copy for your records.  Students, click on the following link and sign up online to receive your transcripts sent to you or the college of choice.

If you are requesting transcripts for any other need, please fill out this FORM and mail to:   Pickford Public Schools Transcript Request PO Box 278 Pickford, MI 49774        You may also email the form to:  Stephani Bennett   (email requests without a signed form can NOT be accepted)    or fax to: 906-647-3706        

Pickford Public Schools, in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) will only release educational records as follows;

Parental Requests:  FERPA assigns rights to students once they reach 18 years of age or enroll at a postsecondary institution.  A written release from the student is required or, for those dependent students under age 21, parents may provide documentation that their child is a dependent student (as defined by IRS code of 1986) and sign for them.   Spousal Requests:  FERPA privacy and disclosure rights are assigned to the student.  The spouse cannot authorize release of non-directory information contained in the student’s education records.  Deceased Students:  Pickford Public Schools will not release educational record information of deceased students for 25 years after their death unless authorized by the executor/executrix of the deceased student’s estate.  Proof of death and relationship to the deceased is also required. Release to a Third Party:  Pickford Public Schools does not release educational records from other institutions to third parties.  Students are directed to contact the originating institution for copies.   Educational Institution Requests:  Requests for release of student academic records by other educational institutions will not be processed without a signed release  from the student. 

E-mail Requests:  FERPA requires a student’s written permission and signature to release academic records.  E-mail requests will not be honored.