Virtual Option Information

Pickford Public Schools, in partnership with several other districts in our EUPISD Region, has developed an additional K-12 learning option that is different from traditional face-to face schooling. This EUP Virtual  option uses online instruction and local teachers/teacher mentors to  allow students to continue to receive instruction as a Pickford student, even if they are unable to return to face-to-face instruction in our building.  Parents selecting this option for their student would do so a semester at a time.  Since students would remain students of the Pickford district, they would be eligible to all of the great services that we currently offer, including athletics and extracurricular activities.  

EUP Virtual will deliver content from Accelerate Education through the Canvas Learning Management Platform.  Please see the FAQ Document that we have developed to get more information about this online program.  You can also take a look at the Accelerate Education platform here:

Accelerate Education Video Links:

If you are interested in the EUP Virtual online option for your child, please fill out the survey found at the link below.  We need to get an accurate count of interested students and families so we can ensure appropriate staffing levels.  Initial commitments to the online program are due no later than August 17th.  Once you have made an initial commitment, we will contact you with additional information to finish your child(ren)'s registration for the online program.

If you responded to the survey please see below:

I wanted to update all of you who have responded to our survey and requested a virtual option for your students to start off the 2020-21 School Year.  Currently, we are working regionally with a collaborative of districts to ensure sufficient staffing for this option.  The first day of the Pickford Online Program will be September 14th.  Orientation sessions are scheduled currently for September 1st and 2nd at 6:00 p.m.  Parents, and students if appropriate,  will need to attend one of these sessions to pick up a chromebook, access student log-in and help-desk information, complete a navigation session in the Canvas platform, and review the expectations in the "Readiness and Commitment" document.

Please see the attached DRAFT Readiness and Commitment document that gives an overview of the readiness and success criteria for both MS/HS and elementary students.  The Frequently Asked Questions document is also available.  Additional information will be sent to your email by the end of this week regarding specific details about the orientation sessions.  

For more information on the Accelerate Learning platform, please see the following video links:

If you are no longer interested in the online option for your student, please notify me as soon as possible so I can make any necessary changes to our enrollment.  Please indicate if your student will be returning to face-to-face in our building or if you are planning to pursue other options.

Distance Learning Commitment Form

Please contact me with any questions about the process.  Thank you for your continued support of our district!