Skyward Student Information System

Family Access Portal

Skyward Family Access Portal (Web)

Parents can securely access all of their student's information on our Skyward Family Access portal. Every district parent of a student in grades K-12 has an account. If you need your password and login ID, use the Forgot my Login/Password link on the sign-in page (click here for instructions). Skyward Family Access is Available by clicking Pickford Schools Skyward Family Access Portal  

Skyward Family Access Portal (APP)

Pickford Schools is pleased to offer our Skyward Family Access Mobile App!


By accessing Skyward Family Access, you agree to the following statements:

  1. You are the parent, legal guardian, or authorized caregiver for the student(s) for whom you are submitting information.

  2. You will accurately and truthfully represent your identity.

  3. Your right to access the student’s educational records has not been restricted or suspended by court order ; and

  4. You are authorized under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. § 1232g, and its accompanying regulations (FERPA) to access the student’s education records.

If you access Skyward Family Access knowing that any of the above assurances are false, you may be subject to civil or criminal penalties.  

Skyward Family Access Account Information: Contact the school at 647-6285 or email to request the link to set up or change your password and link to your Skyward account.

Skyward FAQ

I’m having difficulty logging in. Am I using the correct Login ID?

The default login convention is the first five characters of your last name followed by the first three characters of your first name followed four zeros. If your last name is only three or four characters long, you will have to substitute the five character convention with spaces. For example, if your name is James Bond, the log on convention is BOND JAM0000. If your last name only has three characters, for instance Casper Boo, the log on will be BOO  CAS0000.

Can I retrieve my password and/or login name if I have forgotten what they are?

Yes, you can go to the Skyward Login page and click on the “forgot your login or password” link. Your logon information will be sent directly to your e-mail account. If you have not previously entered your e-mail address in your Skyward account this is not an option. In this case you must contact your child’s school’s main office at 647-6285 or email

I have multiple children. Do I need multiple accounts?
If a parent/guardian has multiple children attending the Pickford Public School district, all student information will be displayed under a single parent/guardian account.

I signed up for access in the past. Do I need to sign up again?
You do not need to sign up again if you signed up in the past.

Do both parents of a household get individual accounts for accessing Skyward?
No, each family is issued a single account to be shared amongst all parents/guardians of the household. However, a second parent who does not live in the child’s primary household may request a separate account. Parents who are also employees of the district would also get a separate account.

How do I see assignments and tests?
After entering Skyward Family Access portal, click on the the Assignments box.  This will give you a list of Upcoming, Missing, Past Assignments all viewable by clicking on each header. 

How do I see my child's grades? 

Click on the Grading box and a new window will open displaying further details about your child's grades in the classes they are enrolled in.  You can then click on the letter grade where a new box will appear showing all the assignments and corresponding grades received in the subject/class chosen.  You can also view any missing assignments here as well. 

Who can I contact with an issue?
Questions concerning grade book scoring or assignments should be directed to your child’s teacher.  You can obtain your child's teacher's email address by clicking on the Staff Directory box.  Questions, problems and suggestions regarding the Skyward Parent and Student Access application should be directed to your student's school office by calling 647-6285 or by emailing