Remote Technology Support


If you are having ANY technology issues, please complete this SUPPORT REQUEST FORM. This includes any problem with device functionality, chargers, software, email, passwords, or any other needs. Please do NOT email your requests directly to staff. When you complete the form, your request can be routed to the correct personnel for resolution.

Opening up our Networks for Community Access

On March 17, 2020  wireless access was reconfigured across the region to provide drive-up wireless access through the school network.  There are 3 networks available;

  1. EUPSchools – Normal school network which staff and students use.

  2. EUPCommunity – Guest access for our communities.

  3. EUPHealthcare – For healthcare workers who need to get connected.

You will be able to access these "networks" from Pleasant Street or the school parking lot.  This has been tested and is working well.  The closer to the school you park, the stronger your signal will be, however it will work well from either side of the street and about half way to the back of the parking lot.  For EUPCommunity, no login or password is necessary.

An interactive map with all the locations is available at the following link:

Astrea Connect: COVID-19 Connection Assistance Program

Astrea is offering assistance to K-12 families to get connected to the Internet in the following areas which they have Cable TV services. This would be in-town and some of the surrounding areas:

  • Cedarville 

  • Curtis 

  • Engadine 

  • Hessel

  • Naubinway 

  • Mackinac Island 

  • Pickford

The form for application and to check availabilty is at the following link: