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Online Local Scholarship Application

A copy of this application is given to each Senior in March 

Dee Schultz Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship, established in 2016, in memory of long-time resident Dee Schultz, will be awarded to a senior planning to go into vocational training.  It is a $1000 award with the possibility of being renewed annually for up to four years for the student selected.  The motto Dee lived by was, “You don’t have to get paid for everything you do.” He volunteered many hours for the benefit of his neighbors, community and school.  This scholarship reflects his desire to support someone working in a vocational field.

Charles Pennington Memorial Scholarship
The Charles Pennington Memorial Scholarship was created by Mary Jane Pennington (Charles’ sister) to promote the ingenuity “Charlie’ possessed.  This $1000 scholarship will support high school graduates that want to pursue a career in the skilled-trades field.  The scholarship will provide funding for post-high school career training/education up through and including an Associate’s Degree (with $2000 possible the second year.)  Preference will be given to students from Pickford that demonstrate financial need. 

American Legion Post #323
The American Legion Post 323 of Pickford, Michigan established this $500 scholarship to assist the relative of a veteran.  This student must be a good citizen who is involved in community service and be enrolled in a college or university as a full-time student. 

Pickford Lions 
Two $500 scholarships are awarded by the Pickford Lions to students pursuing further education.  The Lions strive serve their community without personal financial reward, and they encourage our students to do so as well.  Therefore, preference is given to high school seniors who have been involved in extra-curricular and community service. 

Bender-Johnson AMVETS & Auxiliary Post 79
This $500 scholarship, given by the AMVETS & Post 79 in Raber, Michigan is awarded to a senior student who is attending college or trade school.  The student should be the relative of a veteran, and should also be a hard worker who is involved in extra-curricular activities.

Bob MacDonald Memorial
This scholarship is given in memory of Bob MacDonald who was a 1981 Pickford High School graduate and athlete.  Bob died in a work related accident in 1995.  An anonymous donor is awarding $200 in Bob’s memory to a senior football player.

In honor of Robert Glasser, a $500 scholarship is presented to both a boy and girl scholar-athlete with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and participation in at least two sports.  Sponsors Linda and Alex Fisher would like to express appreciation to those in the Pickford area who support the Bob-O-Classic on Drummond Island each year.

Doug & Jean Batho Memorial
$2,000 in scholarship funds, are awarded in honor of Doug & Jean Batho and are managed by the Chippewa County Community Foundation. These scholarships are given to students with solid academic skills and preference is given to students pursuing mortuary science or retailing; or who have consistently rode the bus to school.  Doug Batho served the Pickford Area Schools as a bus driver for 37 years.

Fourth Generation
This scholarship for $200.00, established in 1987, is in honor of DiAnn Firack’s family, the Anderson’s.  With the graduation of Alec Firack in 2014, there will be four generations of the family who have graduated from Pickford High School with other family members still attending.

George and Anne MacDonald Memorial
George and Anne MacDonald Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a Pickford or Cedarville Senior who plans to major in engineering.  This is a $10,000 Scholarship distributed over four years of college.  This scholarship is administered by the Chippewa County Community Foundation and is a legacy of the MacDonald’s independence, responsibility, excellence and faith.

VFW Law White Post 7958
The Law White Post 7958 is providing a $1,000 scholarship to a hardworking, dedicated student pursuing a post-secondary education.  The student must also have a minimum GPA of 2.5.  This scholarship will be increased to $1500 if awarded to a relative of a Law White Post member.

Hughes Sisters Memorial
The Hughes Sisters Memorial Scholarship was created as a bequest by Thomas & Gertrude Chambers.  The Albert and Martha Hughes family raised eight daughters and one son who died as a young man in a work-related accident.  All eight Hughes sisters graduated from Pickford High School.  Approximately $10,500 is given annually to Pickford High School graduates who have good character, are good achievers, and have financial need. Click here to learn more.

Islands Wildlife
Islands Wildlife will be awarding $1000 in scholarship funds. Preference is given to students pursuing a degree in wildlife biology or conservation. The minimum GPA is 2.5.

Kamper Tire
This $500 scholarship is awarded by Kamper Tire & Exhaust to a Pickford High School graduate who wishes to attend college or trade school.  Preference is given to students with strong involvement in school, church and community activities.

Pickford Staff Scholarship
Each year the staff at Pickford Public Schools collects funds to award a scholarship to an outstanding senior student to be used for post-secondary education. 

Skinner Scholarship
This $500 scholarship is awarded in honor of Verne R. and Janet J. Skinner.  Students must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and preference is given to someone pursuing a business-related career.  Preference is also given to those who have financial need, who have served their community and who are going to college in Michigan.

NCAA Clearinghouse


Since the State of Michigan has set forth a stringent curriculum for all students, you will find that requirements are already met using the Michigan Merit Curriculum.  However, if you plan on playing sports at the collegiate level, it is always a good idea to peruse the NCAA information to make certain that your courses meet the guidelines of the NCAA.  Also be aware that there are standardized test score requirements.


Dear Graduate,

Congratulations on being awarded a local scholarship. This money represents a significant contribution to our community to your post-secondary education.  Our local scholarship dollars come from individuals, businesses and service organizations that want to help you attain your goals for the future.

There is a sheet in your packet which highlights the scholarship(s) that you were awarded.  In order to receive your scholarship(s) for the SPRING SEMESTER of COLLEGE you are required to do the following:

  1. Write a THANK YOU note to the donor. Find the highlighted scholarship(s) for scholarhip donor and information. (a sample note is included in your Graduation Packet).

  2. Copy the note.

  3. Send the original note the donor by June 20th.

  4. Send the copy to Pickford Public School via mail or email.

  5. Allow ten days for the processing of this scholarship check request.

Remember that these contributions for your education are a significant gift from our community.  Express your appreciation to them.  One of the best ways to thank them is to work hard at school and finish your degree.

Good luck in your future educational endeavors!

Moving On Guide for Graduates