Hughes Sisters Memorial Scholarship

The Hughes Sisters Memorial Scholarship was created as a bequest by Thomas and Gertrude Chambers.  The trust specifies that Pickford High School is to use the endowment to award one or more annual college scholarships in memory of the Hughes Sisters.  The scholarships shall provide financial assistance to college and university bound students who are graduates in good standing from Pickford High School.  Scholarships shall be awarded based on character, achievement, and financial need.

 Thomas Chambers began his teaching career at Pickford High School.  While living in Pickford, he met and married a local girl, Gertrude Hughes.  Mr. Chambers retired from Menominee Area Schools, after a long and distinguished teaching career.

Gertrude Chambers was raised in Pickford by her parents, Albert and Martha Hughes.  Their family included eight daughters and one son.  The sisters for whom the Scholarship is named are Minerva (Mrs. John) Wise; Irene (Mrs. Russell) Izzard; Gertrude (Mrs. Thomas) Chambers; Cora Hughes; Thelma (Mrs. Frank) Hewer; Marion (Mrs. Stanley) Harrison; Marie (Mrs. Lewis) Harrison; Theora (Mrs. Gerald) Harrison; and Jeane (Mrs. James) Carnes.  George, the only brother, died as a young man in a work-related accident.    All the sisters graduated from Pickford High School.

The Hughes Sisters Memorial Scholarship was awarded for the first time to the Pickford High School graduating class of 2003.  The Trust is set up to fund scholarships in perpetuity.

Students apply for this scholarship as part of the local scholarship packet.  See Mrs. Tibbitts for more information.