EUP Consortium of Care


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce an additional component to our existing regional School-Based Mental Health Support System - the EUP Consortium of Care.
The EUP Consortium of Care is designed to provide additional mental health supports in the school setting focused on students' individual needs.

Referral specific parent contacts will be made based on student needs identified in the school setting. Parents may also submit a referral for services. All students referred that meet criteria will receive an individual treatment plan that may include individual or group psychotherapy, psycho-educational services, crisis intervention, referral to Community Mental Health system and/or case management.

While this is a regional collaboration, the person who will be serving as the School Social Worker/Mental Health Therapist specifically in our district is Ms. Carri Bradley. She is a Master Level Clinical School Social Worker and has been serving students in her role of school social worker in this region since 1995. Prior to being employed in the school setting, Ms. Bradley provided outpatient therapy at community mental health and worked in a hospital setting with psychiatric and substance abuse patients.

We look forward to being able to offer this additional layer of support to our students in need. If you have any questions about these services or are interested in accessing them for your son or daughter, please contact Mrs. Nettleton (for K-5) or Mr. Rairigh (for 6th-12th) Questions or requests for program information can also be forwarded to Ms. Bradley