Elementary Home/School CompactI

Pickford Elementary School Home/School Compact

Student performance is the shared responsibility of the total school family, which is defined as parents, the entire school staff and students.  This home/school compact lists some mutual responsibilities for attaining the school’s mission.



The total school family of Pickford Elementary School believes that all students can learn and achieve to their maximum potential through the best education we can possibly provide.  Our purpose is to nurture and motivate students to attain high levels of academic performance, foster positive attitudes and self-confidence, and develop responsible, caring, productive members of society.


As Pickford Elementary School staff we will:

  • provide a safe, positive learning environment where each child will begin to be responsible for his or her own learning.

  • show that we care about all students and respect the uniqueness of all students and their families.

  • deliver a high-quality, grade appropriate curriculum through motivation and interesting learning experiences.

  • teach effective study skills and strategies to ensure retention of learning.

  • address each student’s needs and encourage individual talents.

  • value and respect the importance of parents’ roles in their child’s education.

  • communicate academic progress and attendance concerns through report cards four times a year, notes, phone calls, and newsletters.

  • establish flexible scheduling and create a warm atmosphere for parents/guardians during classroom visits and participation in the activities.

  • help parents support learning and positive behavior at home.

As the parent or caring adult, I will:

  • read and listen to my child read regularly and make reading part of my child’s day.

  • review and discuss schoolwork and homework, including offering assistance when needed.

  • ensure that my child attends school on time each day and is ready to learn.

  • help my child see how school learning is needed in the real world.

  • recognize and praise my child’s efforts and progress.

  • share information with school staff about unique family or child circumstances that may affect my child at school.

  • read newsletters, notes, and other communications and discuss and/or respond when needed.

  • attend and participate in parent-teacher conferences and school meetings.

  • share concerns about my child and about the school and work together with the school to resolve problems.

As a Pickford Elementary School student, I will:

  • arrive at school and attend class on time each day.

  • come to class prepared with all materials, including homework and a positive attitude.

  • put forth my best effort that includes paying attention and participating in class discussions.

  • promptly deliver to parents and teachers all letters, messages, and notes from school or home.

  • cooperate with other students and adults at school.

  • respect the rights and property of others and follow all school rules.

  • use appropriate language to communicate with adults and other students.

  • read or be read to 10-30 minutes at home each day.

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