2020-2021 District Sick Policy

2020-21 COVID-19 Sick Policy Pickford Public Schools

The purpose of this policy is to outline a plan of care for sick students or staff who may present with covid-19 symptoms while at school or has reported exposure or positive test results. This is current with the CDC guidelines and may change under new circumstances or public health orders. Policy also addresses other illnesses that may transpire.

High Risk Symptoms requiring immediate Pickup at school & Excused Absence

Fever (100.4 or per nurse or secretary judgement with OR without fatigue/body


Respiratory symptoms (cough, congestion, runny nose, sore or scratchy throat, shortness of breath) PLEASE NOTE: Allergy and asthma symptoms are not acute respiratory illnesses.

Gastrointestinal symptoms (diarrhea or vomiting)

New unexplained loss of taste or smell

Has tested positive for Covid-19

Had a close exposure to a confirmed Covid-19 case

Travelled out of state in past two weeks

Other Conditions meeting an excused absence from school

The first 24 hours of various antibiotic treatments (i.e. strep throat, pink eye,

etc.or performed treatment for headlice)

Undiagnosed, new and /or untreated rash or skin condition

Doctor's note stating student was sick

Students who present with Covid-19 symptoms will be donned with a mask (if able to tolerate

one) and placed in the isolation room until able to be picked up and and transported home. If symptoms are severe (extreme shortness of breath and lips or fingernails are turning blue) an ambulance will be called.. Caregivers (nurse, secretary or principal should also wear a surgical mask & face shield (unless they have A N-95 mask). A gown and gloves should also be worn while caring for this person if in a space of less than 6 feet from the student. A baby monitor may be used for short periods of time if unable to always be present in the room.

Procedure for returning to school:

a. Symptomatic students sent home from school should be tested for covid-19 or

have a doctor's note of other treatment-specific guidelines. If you choose not to test your child, the student must remain home for ten days minimum and return when they have had three full days in a row of no symptoms.

A student who has a positive covid-19 test must be fever free without any Tylenol or Ibuprofen for three days. Your other symptoms have lessened in severity and you have been home for ten days since your first positive test. . No longer coughing or feel as short of breath, no muscle aches or sore throat, etc. A student who may also be immunological compromised may take longer to recover and this will be taken into consideration, OR if a person wishes to return sooner than the ten days they would need to have two negative tests in a row 24 hours apart.

A student tested positive but displayed no symptoms can return in ten days but if

they wish to return sooner than the ten days then they would require two negative tests in a row 24 hours apart.

If notified to self quarantine related to a close exposure to a positive covid-19

case, stay home and monitor for symptoms for 14 days. Call the Chippewa County Health Department 635-1566 for further guidance.

If you were asked to be tested for Covid-19 and your test did come back

negative, please remain home for 72 hours or 3 days without any symptoms prior to returning to school. Also please reconsider testing if your symptoms worsen.

Families of students who have been exposed to positive covid-19 individuals will be notified accordingly with the privacy and confidentiality laws to protect those who have positive test results. It is also my responsibility to notify the Chippewa County Health Department in accordance with the Public Health Act & will perform contact tracing.


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