Online Learning

Online Learning Guide

District Process for Online Learning

  1. Upon Receipt of Request for Information, schedule a student/parent meeting as soon as possible

Enrolling in Online Course

  1. Review the State Course Catalog for online learning

  2. Select the course(s)

  3. Complete the Course Information section

  4. Approve or Deny request

  5. Reasons to deny

  • the student has previously gained the credits provided from the completion of the online course

  • the online course is not capable of generating academic credit 

  • the online course is inconsistent with the remaining graduation requirements or career interests of the student

  • the student does not possess the prerequisite knowledge and skills to be successful in the online course or has demonstrated failure in previous online coursework in the same subject 

  • the online course is of insufficient quality or rigor and/or the course cost exceeds 1/14th of foundation allowance

 Finalizing the Process

  • Review and Seek signatures on Contract, Contract

  • Review Success Requirements and Technology Agreement

  • Enroll student in course 

  • Complete Enrollment Form

  • Assign to a mentor

  • Document in SIS and Pupil Accounting File

Post Course Completion

  • Create Transfer Record

  • Document Final Grade on Enrollment Form

  • Conduct Post Survey

  • Compile semester results in Google Drive