Student Attendance Procedures & Policies

Elementary Student


Call: (906) 647-6285 ex 2105

Middle/High School Student


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Pre-Planned Appointment or Dismissal

Please notify the office the morning of the appointment, so your student can be ready for pickup time or dismissal. You can send a note, email or call. Please see contact information above. The student will get an office note, so the teacher can dismiss the student at the correct time. Teachers do not release a student without an office note.

Attendance Reasons

E: Excused - Illness, Religious Observation, Family Death, Family Emergency, Beyond Control of Student, Student's Safety/Health, Pre-Approved Reason

E-M: Excused Medically - MUST have a note from a family physician, hospital, clinic, or other Medical facility to be a medical excuse.

A: Absent Unexcused - More than 15 mins late, student not in attendance; An Absence must be resolved before the end of the following day or it remains unexcused.

T: Tardy - less than 15 mins late, must have a written pass/excuse from the office.

S: School Related - excused for a school function.

SA: School Athletic - excused for a school athletic event.

Attendance Notification: Attendance calls or emails are sent automatically at the end of each day based on teacher's recorded attendance.

School Attendance Policy

Attending school is both necessary and the law. State law requires school attendance until the age of eighteen. Students who do not maintain good attendance may fail, lose certain privileges, and/or have truancy procedures implemented against their parents. A parent or other person in parental relation who fails to comply with the Michigan Compulsory School Law is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by fines and imprisonment. Our attendance policy aligns with the guidelines that have been recently established in the Chippewa County Truancy protocol. 

Chronic absentee information will be sent home to parents of students that are absent two or more times in a month.

4 Absences: School Notification (phone call or written correspondence) will be made after the fourth absence. 

6 Absences: Parent contact and request for conference will be made after 6 absences in one or more classes as per Chippewa County Truancy Policy.

9 Absences: A certified letter will be sent home after nine absences with additional request for conference as per Chippewa County Truancy Policy and MI Compulsory Attendance Policy.

After the 12th absence, an attendance-planning meeting will be held at the school. The student and parent/guardian will be required to attend this meeting. Failure to attend the meeting will result in a complaint being filed with the Chippewa County Prosecutor’s Office. 

Absences beyond 12, unless excused by proper documentation, will result in a truancy complaint being forwarded to the County Prosecutor’s office for further review and action as per Chippewa County Truancy Policy and MI Compulsaory Attendance Policy.

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