• Thank you to our district voters for overwhelmingly supporting the passage of our Operating Millage Renewal!  


    Operating Millage Renewal -- August 7th

    On August 7th, Pickford Public Schools is asking voters to renew an operating (non-homestead) millage for 18.8434 mills for tax years 2019 and 2020.  The current operating millage expires with the 2018 tax levy.


    The renewal will only affect non-homestead properties, including apartment buildings, rental homes, vacation property, vacant land, commercial property and industrial property.   Principal residences will not be affected.  


    The ballot language states,  

    “Shall the currently authorized millage rate limitations of 18.8434 mills ($18.8434 on each $1000 of taxable valuation) on the amount of taxes which may be assessed against all property, except principal residence and other property exempted by law, in Pickford Public Schools, Chippewa and Mackinac Counties, Michigan, be renewed for a period of 2 years, 2019 and 2020, to provide funds for operating purposes; the estimate of the revenue the school district will collect if the millage is approved and 18 mills are levied in 2019 is approximately $596,540 (this is a renewal of millage that will expire with the 2018 tax levy)?”


    The proposal asks for the authorization of 18.8434 mills for the next two years, but Pickford Public Schools legally cannot receive more than 18 mills. By asking for more than the maximum, the school district would be held harmless if home values decrease dramatically and still receive the equivalent of the current 18 mills.


    Under current circumstances, however, the millage will continue to tax $18 per $1,000 of taxable value on non-homestead property taxes.  The money collected from the millage equates to about  $596,540 of revenue for operating purposes in 2019, which comprises roughly  15% of our district’s budget.  The non-homestead revenue is  required in order for Pickford Public Schools to receive its revenue per pupil foundation from the State.  


    We would like to emphasize that this is a request for a millage renewal, not a new tax, and will not increase taxes for our community members.   If the millage does not pass, Pickford Public Schools would have to determine how to cut this enormous amount from our budget.  It would cause us to make some very tough decisions regarding the loss of staff and programming for students


    Questions??  Call the district office at (906)647-6285 ext 2204 to speak with Mrs. Angela Nettleton, District Superintendent.  Please take time to vote on August 7th!



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