· Participate in fitness assessment and appropriate health­ related fitness activities.

    · Develop a personal fitness plan designed to attain stated fitness goals.

    · Implement personal fitness plan and assess outcomes following a period of training.

    · Pursue physical activities that promote health related fitness, relieve tension, and control weight in both school and non­school settings.

    · Exhibit a level of competency, advancing to a level of proficiency in a particular skill.

    · Successfully participate in the PEP UP program set up through EUPISD

    · Improve cardiovascular endurance through running, walking, and other cardiovascular activities.

    · Improve agility skills, flexibility, strength, and endurance by participating in appropriate activities.


    · Dress out daily, and participate the entire time.

    · Be on time for attendence

    · Be respectful

    · Keep fitness areas clean.

    · Work hard without complaining


    · Bring shorts/warm­ups, t­shirt, tennis shoes daily. You CANNOT participate in clothes you wore to school. All attire must meet the dress code. No tank tops for boys or girls.

    · Proper behavior is expected in dressing room. Bring any problems to the attention of the staff immediately

    · If you do not dress out/participate you will receive a 0 for that day. You will sit in the bleachers the entire period in one spot, separated from other students.

    · Do not wear jewelry while participating, especial y in the weight room.

    · You have 8 minutes to dress out, and 8 minutes to dress in. This is adequate time for you.

    · Please be sure to lock your daily locker. Do not just rig the locker



    The first few days of class will include introduction of the course, syllabus, locker issuance, etc. You will begin dressing out for a grade on the 3rd day of class. Each student will keep a log of his her improvement throughout the semester. Below is a general breakdown of the general activities we wil do each week.

    1st Semester: BFS Workout Program

    Monday: Weightroom

    Tuesday: Gym (Circuits, Testing Stations)

    Wednesday: Weightroom

    Thursday: Weightroom

    Friday: Game Day


    3rd Marking Period

    Monday: Weightroom

    Tuesday: Gym (Circuits, Testing Stations)

    Wednesday: Weightroom

    Thursday: Weightroom

    Friday: Game Day



    4th Marking Period: 

    Monday: Student Lesson Plan Workout

    Tuesday: Student Lesson Plan Workout

    Wednesday: Student Lesson Plan Workout

    Thursday: Student Lesson Plan Workout

    Friday: Game Day