• What Parents Should Know About Positive Behavior Intervention Support




    Several years ago, the state of Michigan mandated that all schools implement a Positive Behavior Support Intervention (PBIS) Plan to promote appropriate behavior among all students and reduce or eliminate problem behaviors that interfere with learning and adversely affect academic achievement.    The theory behind PBIS is that in order to change problem behavior you must teach expected behavior and then positively reinforce that behavior. 


    In order to teach expected behaviors, the staff put together our theme and our Expected Behaviors Matrix.  Our theme is slightly different at the elementary level as opposed to the secondary level.  The elementary uses "PAW LAWS' which promotes behavior that is Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Ready to Learn.
    In grades 6th-12th our theme is Panthers ROAR:
    ROAR Image
    ROAR stands for Respect, Optimism, Appropriateness, and Responsibility. 
    The expected behaviors for both elementary and secondary levels are posted around the school. Additionally, the matrix of behavior expectations for elementary and secondary help students learn what expected behaviors "look" like in various contexts.  Staff discuss the matrix with all students on the first day of school, and each student is given a copy of the matrix.    At the secondary level, the team has been putting together skits that show examples and non-examples of the expected behaviors.  We started off the school year with our first skit of the year... the "Restore the ROAR" kick off assembly.  We also have ROAR reminders on the announcements planned for every morning.


    To reinforce expected behaviors, the staff is working on specifically complementing expected behaviors (thank you for showing respect by removing your hat when you entered the building.)    We are also handing out Paw Law / ROAR tickets (like “Caught Doing Something Good”) and will have a weekly drawing for small prizes.  We will be holding a monthly celebration for all students who meet the criteria for that month.  This month, it is no major referrals.  The celebration will be held this Friday and each student starts out with a clean slate on the Monday after the celebration.


    If a student is behaving inappropriately, they are given a discipline referral.  There are two types of referrals, major and minor.  A minor referral results in a contact to the parent to inform them of the behavior.  Major referrals and their consequences will be handled in the office.


    All referral information will be stored in a data base.  We will have the ability to compile and study the data and determine what behavior interventions we need to put in place.


     The staff and students are learning the language and procedures of our PBIS program.    There are sure to be some bumps in the road, but when we finally have everything in place, Pickford Public Schools will be an even more productive place for our students.


    If you have any questions about PBIS, the Paw Laws, or the "Restore the ROAR" campaign,  please feel free to call the office, 906-647-4028 or contact Angela Nettleton angelan@eup.k12.mi.us.


Last Modified on August 8, 2017