Pickford Public Schools offer a quality, economically priced food service program.  We strive to provide well-rounded, nutritionally based meals for students of all ages.  Breakfast and lunch are served daily.  Families may apply for free or reduced priced meals anytime throughout the school year.  We currently offer free breakfast to students that qualify for reduced meals.  If you have questions about the food service program at Pickford Public Schools, feel free to contact Tracy Rye in the main office at 647-6285.


    Dear Parent/Guardian,   Pickford Public Schools is pleased to offer the availability of applying for Free and Reduced Price Meals online!  The process is SAFE, . . .read more...

    The Free and Reduced Meal Program is a government program that provides free or reduced school meals to students based on household income. You only have to fill out one form per family, even if you have more than one child . These forms need to be filled out at the beginning of each new school year. For an application or more information contact Tracy Rye at 647-6285.

    Are school meals posted on the web site?

    Yes, all Pickford Public Schools menus are posted on the district web page. To view the lunch menus click here....read more



    What is the cost of student lunches?

    Elementary lunch is $2.45, Middle School and High School lunch is $2.95.  Elementary breakfast is FREE, Middle School and High School breakfast is $.85. Reduced breakfast is free for all eligible students. Reduced lunch price it $0.40 for all eligible students.  Milk is $.35.



  • 2020 Lunch Information at a Glance


    All K-6 students will be eating in their classrooms this year.  HOT lunches will be served daily.  We purchased a sealer that will make our meals look like a “TV” dinner.  The cooks will place the hot meal in the tray and then seal it.  They will be delivered to each classroom. Students will be served all components of the meal.  Remember if your child has a food allergy, please let us know so we can make accommodations.  This year K-6 will receive free breakfast in the classroom. 


    All 7-12 grade students will all meet in the multi-purpose for their designated mealtime.  They will receive a “plated” meal.  Meaning they may choose the items they wish to eat, but the cooks will be plating the entire meal.  All students will still need to take the minimum components of the meal when going through the lunch line.  Students will be able to be served the first 10 minutes of their mealtime.   Students will have an assigned seat.  They will choose their seat the first day of school and may change seats the first school day of each month.  We encourage students to take hot lunch or bring cold lunch from home.  Students will wear masks in the lunchroom, except while sitting and eating.  Students will be given time to go outside, or a designated classroom, after mealtime.  Cold lunch students that need to microwave items may do so.  The microwave will be sanitized between usage.  We will not be providing plates, napkins, or silverware for cold lunch students this year. 


    The following is a list of breakfast and lunch prices for the 2020-2021 school year.  Payment can be made in the elementary classrooms or the High School Office before school begins or at lunch time. We encourage parents to pay for milk and meals on Mondays, so staff are only handling money/checks one time per week.  This year K-6 cold lunch students will need to pay for their milk for the week on Mondays.  Currently, there are no seconds for K-6. When we have the delivery process down, we may change this, but for now we are working on making sure everyone gets a hot meal in a timely fashion.   Please log on to your child’s Meal Magic account to check account balances.  It allows the parent/guardian to see when the child is eating and the balance on the account.  Online payments can be made at  <https://www.sendmoneyto school.com>   


    pricing 2020                            

    Meals for Virtual Learning Program:  If your child will be participating in the virtual learning program this year, your child/ren can still receive school meals.  Please sign your child/ren up to receive breakfast, lunch or both.  Meals will be pre-packaged for five days (days school is in session).  Pick up will be Monday’s (or first in-session weekday) from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  Regular meals charges will apply.  We encourage parents to apply for free and reduced priced meals online, or by visiting one of the school offices.  If you wish to sign your child/ren up, please contract Tracy Rye at 647-6285 ext. 2203. 


    Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or ideas:trye@eupschools.org.   


    You can download a Free & Reduced Price Meal Application and Parent Letter < https://pickford.eupschools.org/Page/775> from the school website soon. (the form will also be attached to the paper copy of this newsletter) Please look over the information regarding free and reduced priced meals.  If you have any doubt as to whether or not you qualify or would like help filling out the form, please call Cheri Bush at 647-6285 ext. 2197.  If you don’t qualify at this time, but you do at any other time throughout the school year, please call for a form and one will be mailed to you.  Keep in mind that there are no cut-off dates for applying; but if you qualify, the application is effective the date it is received in the school office.  If you have Meal Magic access you may apply online| 
    < https://lunchapp.com/> 


    Please be advised that it is a state law that we offer breakfast and lunch to all students.  If you do not want your child to participate or charge, either breakfast or lunch, please advise the main office in writing each school year. 


    If your child has a food allergy, please send a note to Tracy Rye advising her of the allergy, to ensure that an alternative item can be provided. 



    Pickford Schools offers breakfast daily to our students. 

    K-6th grade will receive FREE breakfast in the classroom.  7-12 grade students can pick up breakfast in the kitchen and eat in their first hour classroom before the first bell (8:05-8:15am) 

    There is no charge for students that qualify for free or reduced meals.  


Last Modified on November 30, 2020