Pickford PTA was founded in the Fall of 2016 under the Michigan and National PTA. As group we came together to help create a strong support team for our school community. From coordinating volunteer efforts to supporting existing school programs to creating new opportunities for our community we are committed to connecting dots and filling in gaps where needed. We work to secure grants and resources to support existing programs and future endeavors. 


    In past years, we have hosted Trunk or Treat and the Back to School Open House resource fair for our community, assisted with Reading Week, Christmas Crafts and other family night activities, presented Teacher Appreciation Meals & Gifts, promoted easy fundraising thru Shoparoo, secured grants to fund healthy snack breaks and school garden activities, Coordinated Box Tops for Education incentives and led the Kiddie Parade for Hay Days.


     Having you considered joining your Pickford PTA? Multiple studies have shown that students achieve more when families are engaged in the learning process. Whether you volunteer at your child’s school, communicate regularly with your child’s teacher, encourage and support your child’s learning at home, or advocate for school improvement at the district or state level, your efforts are likely to positively impact your child. Michigan PTA advocates for family engagement by providing support, education and resources on effective ways parents can become involved. National PTA states in their family engagement guide that “your child has the right to attend and succeed in a great public school.” All children are entitled to an education that will help them reach their full academic, professional and personal potential. Michigan PTA recognizes that as parents and guardians, you are the best advocate to ensure this will happen. Send us a message and ask how you can join PTA today!


    We have a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pickfordparents/) and an Instagram account  https://www.instagram.com/pickfordpta/




    Join us in saying Thank you for saying “yes” to serving on this Board!

    Not everyone has the heart for Board work, and we applaud your willingness to give your time, your talents, and yourself to this very worthy cause as a Pickford PTA Board member.