Date: July 17, 2019 

    Job Position:

    Bus Driver 

    Time: Regular A.M. and P.M. Runs   Monday-Friday (School Session Days

    Pay: As per Support Staff Contract 

    Position Begins: September 3, 2019 

    Position Posting Closed: August 1, 2019 



    1. Operate bus in a legal and safe manner consistent with State law and Board policy.
    2. Report information (discipline, accidents, conditions) to the appropriate supervisor or administrator.
    3. Be able to take direction from appropriate supervisors or administrators and use and enforce policies consistent with the safe operation of a school bus.
    4. Operate bus within the prescribed time parameters.
    5. Maintain proper licensure and other requirements, and attend appropriate training.
    6. Supervise student riders consistent with school rules and in a firm and consistent manner.
    7. Clean bus as needed and perform routine pre-driving checks






    All support staff employees must possess:

    1. At least a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.

    2. A conviction record clear of any felony or misdemeanor conviction of any sex-related crime, crimes against children, or crimes involving drugs, alcohol, firearms, weapons, or larceny.

    3. American citizenship or legal alien status.

    4. Valid information documenting their true identity and the use of any aliases


    All employees must be able to:

    1. Work for the good of the school.

    2. Follow the chain of command.

    3. Respect student and staff member privacy.

    4. Observe all board policies.

    5. Present themselves in a clean and neat manner.

    6. Exercise good judgment and behavior while at the school and/or representing the school district


    Bus Driver:

    1. Must possess

      a. CDL

      b. an annual physical (Bi-annual if non-diabetic)

      c. record of 12 hour training

      d. updated training card

      e. record of a successful driving test

      f. clear driving and conviction record

      g. clear pre-employment drug test

    2. Must be able to operate a bus.

    3. Must be able to understand and enforce school policies.

    4. Must be able to respond on early release days.

    5. Must be able to take direction.

    6. Must be able to work with others.

    7. Must be able to give and take direction.

    8. Able to perform some lifting consistent with the job description


    Please apply in form of written letter stating interest and experiences/qualifications to

    Angela Nettleton, Superintendent/K-12

    Principal Pickford Public Schools

    P.O. Box 278 Pickford, MI 49774