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Mrs. Renae Leese

 2020 3rd Grade

Welcome back to school! 

In Third Grade students are expected to meet many accomplishments both socially and academically. Students are expected (with guidance) to be responsible for their classwork organization and completion, some assignments might be completed over multiple days. In third grade students will memorize all multiplication facts and read independently interacting with books of all genres! We will study Michigan History, Geography, and Economy as well as Engineering, Forces, Organisms, and Weather. By the end of the year students will be writing multiple paragraphs written on topics in many different writing categories. 


Homework: Most nights your child will not have homework, they will usually have an independent practice sheet (math) that they completed on their own in class, that they are expected to take home, discuss with someone, and return to school as if it were homework (I DO NOT want to take up your evening doing work that can be done in class).


Students may also have unfinished work from the day that they need more time to complete, they will be expected to finish this at home and return it to school.


 Students are expected to read EVERY NIGHT, generally this is self choice reading and can be anything they want to read or enjoy (picture books, novels, magazines, newspapers, recipes, instruction manuals, etc). You may also see book bag books come home with your child, these are on level books (as the year gets going- none yet!). 


Snacks: We will have a quick snack time after afternoon recess.  If students would like to bring a small snack they may, also students are encouraged to keep a water bottle at their desks, particularly this year as drinking fountains are not available (water only please).


Home/School Folders: Your child will receive a Pickford Panthers folder.  This folder is one of the school’s links to communicating with parents.  Completed work will be sent home in this, as well as any other important notes or announcements requiring parental attention. Please review and remove the papers from the folder “keep at home side” each day. Most communication will come from our classroom via ClassDojo or notes sent home in your student's planner. Students will complete their planners daily, they will be responsible for filling in assignments and announced events. It is expected that they have an adult check it each day. Please use Class DOJO or the planner as a place to write any notes/questions. 

Grading: After we have introduced and practiced a concept, I will choose work samples, quizzes, and tests to use as assessment pieces that go into our gradebook to determine report card grades. You will see these pieces come home marked with 4- Exceeds Grade Level Expectations, 3- Meets Grade Level Expectations, 2- Approaching Grade Level Expectations, 1- Not Meeting Grade Level Expectations. There are types of assignments that a 4 is not always possible to reach (not everything allows a student to show me if they knew more than they were taught in class), in those cases a 3 is the highest mark they could earn. I grade based on expectations regarding time of year and acceptable benchmarks, meaning what is expected now in September will be different than what is expected in May. Please talk to your student about what they are learning and look over their papers with them-- this in my opinion is much more valuable than looking at their report card at the end of the marking period. 

Frequently we will go over “practice work” together so students can make corrections and have the most immediate feedback to hopefully clear up misconceptions when they arise. 

Once again, I look forward to working with you and your child this year.  Together we will make this an awesome school year!  Feel free to contact me at school (906) 647-6245. You can always email me at as well, and I will try to respond as quickly as possible (this is usually the best way to reach me), or Class Dojo.


If you haven’t signed up for Dojo yet please do


Please don’t rely on my email, dojo, or voicemail for emergencies (I can’t always check it during the day), if an emergency change in your child’s plans arises please call the elementary office.  I would hate to miss something!


-Mrs. Leese

2020-2019 Third Grade Specials Schedule

Mondays: Music

Tuesdays: Art

Wednesdays: Technology

Fridays: Gym (taking place outdoors)

School Starts 8:10

School Dismisses 3:10

Lunch/Recess 11:00-11:50

Afternoon Recess 1:45-2:00