• Welcome to Room 214!
    English 9-12 
    1st Hour (8:10-9:07) English 11
    2nd Hour (9:10-10:02) English 9
    3rd Hour (10:05-10:57) English 10
    Lunch 10:51-11:27
     4th Hour (11:31-12:21) Prep.
    5th Hour (12:25-1:17) English 12
    6th Hour (1:20-2:12) English 9
    7th Hour (2:15-3:10) English 11
    About Me:
    After graduating from Cedarville High School, I attended Northern Michigan University and majored in English Secondary Education.  I began my teaching career at Brimley High School in 2003 and finished my master's degree through Walden University in 2008. This is my eighth year as part of the Pickford Public Schools Faculty.