• Dear Graduate,

    Congratulations on being awarded a local scholarship. This money represents a significant contribution to our community to your post-secondary education.  Our local scholarship dollars come from individuals, businesses and service organizations that want to help you attain your goals for the future.

    There is a sheet in your packet which highlights the scholarship(s) that you were awarded.  In order to receive your scholarship(s) for the SPRING SEMESTER of COLLEGE you are required to do the following:

    a)    Find the highlighted scholarship(s) and write a thank you note to the donor (see sample note at the bottom of this page).

    b)    Copy the note.

    c)    Send the original note the donor by June 20.

    d)    In December or January bring the copy of your thank you note (if you are concerned you might lose track of this copy, you can mail to the High School Office.  Include a class schedule or invoice from your college for SPRING semester to Mrs. Rye in the Main Office at PHS.

    e)    Allow ten days for the processing of this scholarship check request.

    Remember that these contributions for your education are a significant gift from our community.  Express your appreciation to them.  One of the best ways to thank them is to work hard at school and finish your degree.

    Good luck in your future educational endeavors!