This year World History & Geography course materials will live in Google Classroom.  With a tear in my eye, I am letting the long standing World History & Geography Moodle page enjoy its retirement years.  The class code will be given out the first day of school.  The textbook we are using is World History: Patterns of Interaction.  We are going to start the year by studying the Muslim World, which is Chapter 10 in our textbook.  

     Google Classroom Link:  classroom.google.com


    Chapter 10 Learning Targets



    1.  Describe Arabia before the rise of Islam

    2.  Explain how Muhammad began to unify the Arabian Peninsula under Islam.

    3.  Identify Islamic beliefs and practices.



    1.  Describe how Muhammad’s successors spread Islam

    2.  List conflicts within the Umayyad state.

    3.  Explain how rivalries split Islam.



    1.  Describe society under the Abbasids

    2.  Identify Muslim accomplishments in art and science.

    3.  Describe Muslim attitudes toward philosophy and religion.