• Rules
    My class rule is a very simple one : Do Nothing To Disrupt The Learning Process
    We are here to learn.  If what you are doing is disrupting yourself or someone else it will be dealt with, period.
    Cell phones are to be in your locker or in the holding pouch at the front of the class and not on your table.  Put your phone away before coming into the classroom or you will lose it.
    There is no eating or drinking in class.  There is a lunchroom, use it.  
    Homework will be assigned most days.  I try and leave at least 10 minutes at the end of class for students to work on their homework and ask questions so if you use your time wisely, you may not have to take anything home.  All late assignments must be in before the test that the said asignmnets preceeded or the late work will receive a zero.
    Odysseyware assignments are completed on a student's computer.  Students will be given a calendar at the start of each month listing when assignments are due.  All Odysseyware units are worth 100 pts.  Students may redo all portions of Odysseyware up to a teacher determined cut off date, but again, this is voluntary on the student's part.  Odyssey may be worked on at home or anywhere they have access to the internet and yes, students may work ahead of what is listed as due.
    All of my Science tests are fixable unless students are told otherwise.  How this works is when a graded test is returned, students have 24 hours to fix the test using any and all resources (except their friend's paper) and return the test. All fixes are worth .5 of a point and will be added on to the original test percentage.   Fixing tests is completely optional though.  As you can see, fixing your test is a real simple way to help your overall grade.
    Grades are usually posted on the day that the assignment is due.  This way parents can help keep track of how their student is doing both academically as well as checking their responsibility at turning assignments in on time.  I also try and send home a grade report on Friday so that students and parents have yet another way to keep track of progress.  This really helps if a student has been absent for a few days and is not sure if they are caught up with all of their missing work.
    Progress Reports
    You will receive a Progress Report most Fridays.  Pay attention to it in regards to your grades as well as if you are missing anything.  Progress Reports may be signed by a parent/guardian and returned for 3 pts of extra credit.
Last Modified on September 2, 2019