• The Panther Legacy Project

    Est. Feb 22, 2022



    The Panther Legacy Project has, as its primary purpose, the creation of additional funding to supplement the financial needs of the District, whose overriding goal is to provide the very best educational value to its students and the greater Panther Community.  To this end, funds received in support of The Panther Legacy Project will be either endowed, with earnings only utilized, thereby providing a perpetual funding resource to the District, or unendowed and designated for special project use with all funds immediately available for the designated purpose.  



    The Panther Legacy Project is organized under authority of the Pickford Public School District Board of Education who will, from time to time, designate not more than 5 nor less than 3 persons who will at a minimum, consist of 1 Board of Education and 1 Administrative person authorized to administer and to designate projects, naming opportunities, sponsorships, memorials, etc. and  promote and formulate the appropriate processes and procedures to accomplish the desired results.  All such project designations will require the affirmative approval of the Board of Education prior to initiation.  


    The Panther Legacy Project, working cooperatively with the Chippewa County Community Foundation, will establish The Panther Legacy Project Endowed Fund and The Panther Legacy Project Unendowed Special Projects Fund.  All funds received in response to The Panther Legacy Project solicitations, unsolicited contributions, sponsorships, naming, memorials, etc. will be placed in the respective fund, depending on the prior need identified or use agreed upon by and between the donor and The Panther Legacy Project.  The authorized representatives named above, will  work with the Chippewa County Community Foundation to effect the establishment of the referenced fund agreements and to collect, request and address the use of funds as appropriate to the respective endowed or unendowed fund. 



    The Panther Legacy Project, recognizes that legacy building often involves major contributions which are normally accompanied by “Naming Opportunities” for the donor(s).  As such, authorized representatives will create and maintain a “naming opportunity” listing which will identify all areas within our District buildings, facilities, grounds, walkways and athletic facilities available for naming.  Naming opportunities will include but be not limited to classrooms, hallways, industrial arts center, gym floor, performing arts center, home & life skills center, cafeteria, gymnasium, elementary, middle or high school wing(s), administrative office(s), furnishings, equipment and other items as identified and included in the listing.  Naming opportunities will be for a certain time period or perpetual, depending on the nature and/or depreciable life of the respective asset, as defined within Internal Revenue guidelines.  Funding levels will be part of the created and maintained listing, recognizing there will be a wide array of levels ranging from $500 to $1 million or more.  


    Recognizing many Panther alum will desire to participate, howbeit at a lesser level, group funding areas will be identified and included as additional needs or complimentary appurtenances are identified and agreed upon. An example would be the provision of a funding source for field trips, class trips of an educational nature, job exploration opportunities for upper classmen or for purchase of classroom equipment specific to a particular need, such as a kiln for the art program.  Such group funding areas can be of an endowed or unendowed nature, depending on the intended use of funds.  



    The Panther Legacy Project is acknowledged as a desired program to institute within the Pickford Public School District as it will provide a direct and active means for Panther alumni and Panther community members to make ongoing and significant impacts on our students’ educational quality and community enrichment.  A community’s heart is its school. 

    In support thereof, at the February 21, 2022 regular meeting of the Pickford Public Schools Board of Education, we vote in the affirmative to establish The Panther Legacy Project and authorize The Panther Legacy Project Endowed Fund and The Panther Legacy Project Unendowed Special Projects Fund through the Chippewa County Community Foundation, with an effective date of 02-22-2022.


    Foundation Board Members:

    Dave Firack  -- davefirack@eupschools.org
    Angela Nettleton -- angelan@eupschools.org
    Cheri Bush -- cbush@eupschools.org
    Travis Forfinski -- travisforfinski@yahoo.com