Medication Information

  • Prescribed Medication or Treatment:  All forms are available for prescribed medication/treament here and non prescribed medicaiton and treament here. 

    Before any prescribed medication or treatment may be administered to any student during school hours, the school shall require the written prescription from the child's physician accompanied by the written authorization of the parent. In order for the student to self-medicate, both the parent and the physician must authorize.  Example of self-medicate: Diabetic student giving their own injection. 

    Possession and Use of Asthma Inhaler, Epi-Pen, or Prescribed Emergency Medication: 

    Students with a need for emergency medication may also be allowed to self-possess and self-administer such medication, provided that they meet have all proper forms on file in the school office, FORMS HERE. Student may keep inhaler or Epi-Pen on their person/backpack, locker, bus route. 

  • Illuminate  

    Through the Illuminate Home Connection Parent Portal you are able to view all of your children’s schedules, attendance, and grades.  You will also have the ability to receive progress reports and other important documents sent to your email address.  

    If you need assistance registering for an account, please email Janet Haske (, call extension 2202, or stop in the Administrative Office. 


    Pickford Public School uses the telephone broadcasting systemSchoolMessenger, which enables school personnel to notify all households and parents by phone within minutes of an emergency or unplanned event that causes a school delay, cancellation or an early dismissal.  The is also used to communicate general announcements or reminders. We will continue to report school closings due to snow or weather via radio and television and will use this system as an overlay to the public announcements.  


    We will use this sysmte to notify you of: 

    • Early Dismissal 
    • Delayed Bus Run  
    • Cancelled Sporting Event 
    • Calendar Events 
    • School Lunch Charges 

    With this system in place, it is important that parents/guardians refrain from calling the school to ask if and when the students will be released or if a game is cancelled.  We would ask that the phone lines be kept open in the event parents need to make other 

    arrangements for K-5 students to be taken to a different location other than their regular drop off point.