• Return to School Plan 7-12

    First day of school 8:10- Upon entering the building, get a grab and go breakfast, if needed and immediately report to your homeroom teacher to get your schedule and locker assignments. Please follow the schedule that is in Illuminate. If you have questions about your schedule, let your homeroom teacher know and they will put you on a sign-up sheet to see Mrs. Tibbitts. Mrs Tibbitts will then come and get you throughout the day. 


    At 8:25, 7th and 8th graders will go to their lockers and put materials that they will not need until lunch away, and then return to 1st hour. At 8:30, 9th-12th graders will go to their lockers and put their materials that they will not need until lunch away and then return to 1st hour.


    Homeroom assignments-

    7th grade- Ms. Mortinsen

    8th grade- Mr. Firack

    9th grade-  Mrs. Huff

    10th grade- Mr. Heyboer

    11th grade- Ms. Nixon

    12th grade- Mr. DeGreif


    Arrival-For grades 7-12, upon arrival, students will go to the kitchen to get a grab and go breakfast, if needed, to be consumed in their 1st hour class. Students in grades 7-12 should go to their locker to drop off anything they will not need until the end of the day, and then directly to their 1st hour class by 8:10. Students will be allowed to have a pre-packaged breakfast either from the kitchen, or bring their own small pre-packaged breakfast until 8:15.


    Passing time- MS/HS times will be staggered by 3 minutes to avoid overcrowding in the halls.  Students in grades 7-12 will be allowed, and encouraged, to carry backpacks rather than return to their lockers throughout the day. Please walk on the right side of the hall.


    Restrooms- We are encouraging the use of the restrooms during class time. Students must sign-in and out of their classroom. 


    Lunch- Grades 7-12 will receive a hot plated meal that will be consumed in the lunchroom.  The lunchroom will be at reduced capacity (7/8th, 9/10th, 11/12th). Once finished with lunch, students are to discard their leftovers/trays and proceed to an outdoor/indoor designated area until their afternoon classes begin. All students are required to wear a mask to and from lunch. Masks can only be taken off when students are sitting in an assigned seat in the cafeteria. Students will be assigned seats on the 1st day of school and have that assigned seat for the 1st month of the school year. The only place where students can eat lunch is in the cafeteria. 


    Middle School Lunch- 11:43-12:17

    7th and 8th grade lunch schedules- Lunch begins at 11:43. All 7th and 8th grade students will be in the cafeteria. At 12:00 students can go with Mr. Kangas outside, to the classrooms that are designated ahead of time, or stay in the cafeteria until 12:17. Students will then go to 5th hour. 


    High School Lunch- 10:55-11:31

    10:55-9th and 10th graders will be dismissed to the cafeteria, and 11th and 12th graders will go outside with Mr. Kangas or go to Mr. Peterson’s or Mr. DeGreif’s room. 

    11:13-11th and 12th graders will be dismissed to the cafeteria, and 9th and 10th graders will go outside with Mr. Kangas or go to Mr. Peterson’s or Mr. DeGreif’s room. All grades will stay in these locations until 11:31. 


    Dismissal- Students will be dismissed into the hallway at staggered times with the Middle school at 3:03 and /High School at 3:05 p.m.  Elementary students will  be dismissed at 3:10 p.m. Staff will monitor dismissal to discourage congregating and ensure that students go straight from the building to their bus or vehicle. Foot traffic flow will be routed so either side of the hallway is following the same direction.  Designated exits will be used to keep foot traffic moving in the same direction.


    Career Center Students- The first day of the Sault Area Career Center (SACC) will be on Sept. 9th. Pickford students that attend SACC will not need to report to School until lunch at 11:13 a.m. (if you are eating lunch), and their 4th hour, which starts at 11:31. Starting Sept. 9th, SACC students will need to be here at 8:05. The bus will leave at 8:10. Make sure you eat your breakfast before you get on the bus as eating is not allowed on the bus. If you elect to drive to the SACC, you must have the proper paperwork filled out with our high school office by Sept. 3rd. Please see our website for more SACC information. We will have a short 5 minute CTE meeting at 11:31 on the first day of school in the library.  


    Dual Enrollment- Students who are enrolled in online dual enrollment are encouraged to work from home, until the time of their scheduled in person class starts at PHS. We will have a room designated for dual enrollment students if the students need to be here to complete their online dual enrollment class. 

    Masks- Must be worn unless you are in the cafeteria at your assigned seat.




     Please read this IMPORTANT INFORMATION  from JoAnne Lussier, Director CTE,  Sault Area Career Center and Carl McCready, Principal Sault Area High and Career Center.