As schools around the world close their doors and switch to remote learning in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, we understand that the need for deeply reported, independent journalism is more important than ever for all readers, including students. While we have temporarily relaxed our paywall on nytimes.com to ensure that everyone can access our coronavirus coverage, we are unable to shift the full on-campus access your school enjoys to individual (remote) students. Instead, we’ve  expanded the coverage that is available through The Learning Network and opened the resource to all teachers and students.
    The New York Times Learning Network offers a dozen new writing prompts each week, all based on Times articles, photographs, illustrations, videos and graphs. And it offers Lessons of the Day, each with a warm up, critical thinking questions and extension activities written directly to students. Content, which is updated every day, covers a wide array of current issues. 
    --All Learning Network lesson plans and activities for students: Free for teachers and students
    --New York Times articles related to Learning Network activities: Free for teachers and students
    --Students can participate by commenting: Free, registration required
    --Coronavirus coverage: Free, registration required
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