• Reading:  We use Lucy Calkin's Reading Workshop Curriculum in conjunction with units designed through our district's Blueprint initiative.  This curriculum is very demanding and challenges students to read, synthesize information, and helps to promote lifelong readers and learners.  Students are individually assessed four times per year to determine their reading levels.  All students then work at their individual levels on needed skills and strategies in order to progress to the next level.  Students are expected to read daily and to always have a book in progress.


    Spelling:  Throughout the year, there will be numerous spelling lists assigned to fourth grade students.  Students are assessed three times a year to monitor growth of aquisition of spelling patterns and the ability to use those patterns to spell new words.  We use Words Their Way Curriculum and for practice and online tests.  Words are assigned each Monday and are tested on Friday.  Throughout the week, students will be assigned ativities online and in class to help promote learning.


    Grammar:  Throughout the year, we will review grammar skills that are necessary in order to become good writers. Students will generally have a grammar test every six to seven days.  They will have daily review sheets sent home in order to practice and prepare for the tests.


    Writing:  We use Lucy Calkin's Writer's Workshop Curriculum.  Students will produce a variety of forms of writing throughout the year.


    Math:   My Math is a great curriculum that introduces new skills while continually reviewing previously learned skills for mastery.  Students can expect to have math homework most nights of the week.


    Science:  Our district uses Battle Creak Science as our hands-on curriculum.  Students will engage in inquiries that utilize the scientific process.


    Social Studies: Fourth graders learn concepts in geography, civics and government, and economics of the United States. We use an online curriculum, The Michigan Open Book Project.  Through interactive class activities, projects, and discussions, students will be engaged to learn more being active citizens within our nation.

    Technology: We integrate technology into our curriculum on a daily basis.  Students are asked to bring headphones, as we use computers daily.