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    Since our building was constructed in 1997, we have not completed any major repair or renovation projects. In recent years, various larger repair needs have surfaced that will soon need to be addressed. Additionally, our student population has been, and is projected to continue, increasing for grades K-12 and we are running out of classrooms to hold all of the necessary classes that are scheduled. The inclusion of elective courses, vocational programming, and preschool classrooms in our building further limit available space for expansion.


    The Board is studying the possibility of a school bond proposal on the November 2019 ballot in order to address district needs for building repair, renovation, and expansion. A bond proposal allows the voters of a school district to authorize the public school district to borrow money for capital expenditures for selling bonds. Proceeds can be invested in new construction, additions, remolding, site improvements, athletic facilities, playgrounds, furnishings, equipment, and technology. Funds generated by a bond issue cannot be used for district employee salaries.


    The potential school bond proposal amount has yet to be determined by the Board based on the results of stakeholder surveys, steering committee recommendations, and citizen committee input. Once the project scope has been determined, the proposed amount necessary to fund improvements will be decided, and a property tax rate increase would be calculated. The amount of additional taxes based on home market value will be shared at that time.


    NO FINAL DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE AT THIS TIME regarding scope, projected costs, or proposed increased tax rates. The purpose of this survey is to gather information to complete a facilities analysis. The information gathered in this survey will assist the Board of Education in determining community perception of the physical school facilities in terms of maintenance, alterations, replacements, and reallocation of spaces. The focus of this survey is to establish the priorities and needs of the district based on input from parents, community members, and other district stakeholders.