Mr. Kyle Rairigh 
    Hello Pickford Staff, Sudents, and Community!
    My name is Mr. Rairigh. I am the MS/HS Principal at Pickford Public Schools.  

    As I sit at my desk thinking about how fast the year is going, I realize we are already twenty-five percent through the school year. September flew by faster than August; and, suddenly, it’s NOVEMBER! What happened?


    Students, as it turns out, the more I experience in life, the more I realize how right my parents were. They would always say, “The time sure does fly by the older you get.” However, I am wondering if it is just because I am busier than I ever have been, and because I am older, too! 


    November, one of my favorite months is here. Those of you who know me would know that I love fall. I love being outdoors this time of year, and I love the fall school sports. We had another great fall season and our teams represented our district well. Our volleyball team is still competing through the tournament! Thank you to our Athletic Director, coaches, and student athletes.


    We are about to start the Second Quarter of the school year. Please watch our District Calendar, as we have several things occurring in the near future: Parent Teacher Conferences, Thanksgiving Break, and many extra-curricular activities. I invite you to come see the many great events our district has going on. Because we have the best teaching staff and students, and the support of our great community, all of these events and activities are possible. 

    Please call or email if you have any questions.
    Mr. Kyle Rairigh
    MS/HS PrincipalPickford Public Schools
    email: krairigh@eupschools.org
    phone: 906-647-6285 ext 2199