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    2020/2021 Tentative Schedule

    8:05-8:40: Breakfast in the classroom(optional/free) and Morning Warm-Up/Sanitizing Break-both hands and desks

    8:40-9:00: Morning Meeting: Pledge/Date/Days/Months...Morning Shared Reading/ Reading Workshop Mini lesson

    9:00-10:00: Small Group Reading Instruction/ Daily 5 Rotations

    10:00-10:15: Bathroom Break/Brain Break/Sanitizing Break-both hands and desks

    10:15-10:30: Word Work/Phonics

    10:30-11:10: Writer's Workshop

    11:10-11:40: Recess

    11:40-12:00: Lunch(I will clean/sanitize desks and hot spot surfaces during my lunch)

    12:00-1:00: Math

    1:00-1:15: Teacher read-aloud

    1:15-2:05: Science/Michigan Model/Sanitizing Break so desks are clean prior to afternoon snack

    2:05-2:25: Recess/Followed by Snack

    2:25-3:05: Social Studies/Studies Weekly/Time for Kids


    **Students are also given free time througout the day at varying times.  During this time they can choose from several fun activities.  


    Weekly Specials(will update as I receive days/times)

    Music: Tuesday 1:20-2:12

    Art: Friday 1:20-2:12

    Gym: Thursday 2:15-3:10

    Computers:  Wednesday (5th hour)