• Pickford High offers various ways for students to earn college credits or do credit recovery:

    Advanced Placement

    The College Board's Advanced Placement program gives students the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. Pickford High offers various AP courses including: English Literature, English Language, U.S. History, U.S. Government & Politics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus. Students take the year-long class online and then the national AP exam in May. If they earn an eligible score on the exam, they can be granted college credits. Check with each college to determine credit.  There is a student fee of approximately $100 and waivers are available for low income families.

    Dual Enrollment
    The State School Aid Act contains a provision that directs school districts to assist students in paying a portion of tuition and fees for courses at Michigan public or private colleges or universities, if certain conditions are met. If you believe you are eligible for dual enrollment and that you may qualify for tuition and fee support, please contact your counselor. 


    Pickford offers in-house college  courses.  Please ask about course availability.  Dual enrolled students are responsible for self-transportation to Bay Mills Community College and/or Lake Superior State University.

    There are 3 options for Dual Enrolled/Concurrent courses:

    ·         Take for college credit only (no hs  gpa and no credit towards MMC)

    ·         Take for high school credit only (grade goes on transcript counts toward hs gpa)

    ·         Take for both (grade goes on transcript, counts toward GPA and towards MMC grad requirements)

    Online Courses
    Students can get credit recovery by retaking courses through Compass Learning or Odysseyware  These classes are offered during the school day, where a certified teacher oversees students to be certain coursework is being completed on time.  Students can also be assigned these classes to work on at their own pace at home in addition to their regular classes. Compass and Odysseyware are for credit recovery only--a student cannot use this option until the course has been taken and failed in the classroom. Michigan Virtual High School (MVHS) classes are also available to students who are interested in an elective not offered at Pickford High. A complete course catalog is available at http://www.mivhs.org/Courses.

    Testing Out
    It is a requirement of the Michigan Merit Curriculum Law, Section 380.1278(a)(4)(c), to allow a student to earn credit if the student earns a qualifying score, as determined by the department, on an assessment developed for a specific subject area. Testing out is free and a student may test out of any required English, math, social studies, or science course. This grade will count towards your cumulative gpa and appears on your official transcript. Students may request to test out of a class that has been failed, a class that is currently in progress, or a class that the student has not yet taken. Only one attempt to test out of a specific class is allowed. A separate request form must be completed for each class/semester. Tests are designed to be rigorous and will cover material from the entire semester. Students are responsible for contacting the counselor and the appropriate teacher to obtain preparation information.

Last Modified on September 6, 2017