· Participate in fitness assessment and appropriate health­ related fitness activities.

    · Pursue physical activities that promote health related fitness, relieve tension, and control weight in both school and non­school settings.

    · Exhibit a level of competency, advancing to a level of proficiency in a particular skill.

    · Successfully participate in the PEP UP program set up through EUPISD

    · Improve cardiovascular endurance through running, walking, and other cardiovascular activities.

    · Improve agility skills, flexibility, strength, and endurance by participating in appropriate activities.

      Improve knowlege and skills throughout each lesson



    · Dress out daily, and participate the entire time.

    · Be on time for attendence

    · Be respectful

    · Keep fitness areas clean.

    · Work hard without complaining


    · Bring shorts/warm­ups, t­shirt, tennis shoes daily. You CANNOT participate in clothes you wore to school. All attire must meet the dress code. No tank tops for boys or girls.

    · Proper behavior is expected in dressing room. Bring any problems to the attention of the staff immediately

    · If you do not dress out/participate you will receive a 0 for that day. You will sit in the bleachers separated from other students.

    · Do not wear jewelry while participating, especially in the weight room.

    · You have 8 minutes to dress out, and 8 minutes to dress in. This is adequate time for you.

    · Please be sure to lock your daily locker. Do not just rig the locker



    The following are the units plans that the class will try and go over. (Note: Classes switch every marking period so some units may not be covered by certain classes.)

    -Cross Country







    -Personal Fitness


    -Track & Field

    -Pacer Tests/Pedometers

    -Circuit Training

    -Various Games